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Meaning of GRANGE

Pronunciation:  greynj

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  an outlying farm

GRANGE is a 6 letter word that starts with G.


 See Also: farm



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Grange\, n. [F. grange barn, LL. granea, from L. granum
grain. See {Grain} a kernel.]
1. A building for storing grain; a granary. [Obs.] --Milton.

2. A farmhouse, with the barns and other buildings for
   farming purposes.

         And eke an officer out for to ride, To see her
         granges and her bernes wide.          --Chaucer.

         Nor burnt the grange, nor bussed the milking maid.

3. A farmhouse of a monastery, where the rents and tithes,
   paid in grain, were deposited. [Obs.]

4. A farm; generally, a farm with a house at a distance from

5. An association of farmers, designed to further their
   interests, aud particularly to bring producers and
   consumers, farmers and manufacturers, into direct
   commercial relations, without intervention of middlemen or
   traders. The first grange was organized in 1867. [U. S.]

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: arable land, barnyard, barton, cattle ranch, chicken farm, collective farm, cotton plantation, croft, dairy farm, demesne, demesne farm, dry farm, dude ranch, estate, factory farm, fallow, farm, farmery, farmhold, farmland, farmplace, farmstead, farmyard, fruit farm, fur farm, grain farm, grassland, hacienda, home place, homecroft, homefarm, homestead, house and grounds, house and lot, kibbutz, kolkhoz, location, mains, manor farm, messuage, orchard, pasture, pen, place, plantation, poultry farm, ranch, rancheria, rancho, sheep farm, station, steading, stock farm, toft, truck farm