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Meaning of FUNEREAL

Pronunciation:  fyoo'neereeul

WordNet Dictionary
[adj]  suited to or suggestive of a grave or burial; "funereal gloom"; "hollow sepulchral tones"

FUNEREAL is a 8 letter word that starts with F.


 Synonyms: joyless, sepulchral



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Fu*ne"re*al\, a. [L. funereus, fr. fentus a funeral.]
Suiting a funeral; pertaining to burial; solemn. Hence: Dark;
dismal; mournful. --Jer. Taylor.

      What seem to us but sad funereal tapers May be heaven's
      distant lamps.                           --Longfellow.
-- {Fu*ne"re*al*ly}, adv.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: Acheronian, Acherontic, black, blackish, bleak, Cimmerian, cinerary, clouded, cloudy, dark, dark and gloomy, dark-colored, darkish, darksome, depressing, depressive, dirgelike, disheartening, dismal, doleful, drear, drearisome, dreary, dusk, dusky, epitaphic, exequial, feral, funebrial, funebrious, funebrous, funeral, funerary, gloomful, glooming, gloomy, grave, gray, grievous, grim, ill-lighted, ill-lit, lowering, lugubrious, melancholy, morose, mortuary, mournful, necrological, nigrescent, obituary, obsequial, oppressive, overcast, sad, saturnine, sepulchral, sober, solemn, somber, sombrous, sorrowful, stormy, Stygian, swart, swarthy, triste, unhappy, weariful, wearisome, weary, woeful