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Meaning of FERAL

Pronunciation:  'feerul

WordNet Dictionary
[adj]  wild and menacing; "a ferocious dog"

FERAL is a 5 letter word that starts with F.


 Synonyms: savage, untamed, wild



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Fe"ral\, a. [L. ferus. See {Fierce}.] (Bot. & Zo["o]l.)
    Wild; untamed; ferine; not domesticated; -- said of beasts,
    birds, and plants.
  2. \Fe"ral\, a. [L. feralis, belonging to the dead.]
    Funereal; deadly; fatal; dangerous. [R.] ``Feral accidents.''
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abandoned, amok, animal, anthropophagous, atrocious, baneful, barbaric, barbarous, beastly, bellowing, berserk, bestial, bloodthirsty, bloody, bloody-minded, brutal, brutalized, brute, brutish, cannibalistic, carried away, cinerary, cruel, cruel-hearted, deadly, death-bringing, deathful, deathly, delirious, demoniac, demoniacal, destructive, devilish, diabolic, dirgelike, dismal, distracted, Draconian, ecstatic, enraptured, epitaphic, exequial, fatal, fell, ferine, ferocious, fiendish, fiendlike, fierce, frantic, frenzied, fulminating, funebrial, funebrious, funebrous, funeral, funerary, funereal, furious, haggard, hellish, hog-wild, howling, hysterical, in a transport, in hysterics, infernal, inhuman, inhumane, internecine, intoxicated, kill-crazy, killing, lethal, mad, madding, malign, malignant, maniac, merciless, mortal, mortuary, mournful, murderous, necrological, noncivilized, obituary, obsequial, orgasmic, orgiastic, pernicious, pitiless, possessed, rabid, raging, ramping, ranting, raving, ravished, roaring, running mad, ruthless, sadistic, sanguinary, sanguineous, satanic, savage, sepulchral, sharkish, slavering, storming, subhuman, swinish, tameless, Tartarean, transported, truculent, unchristian, uncivilized, uncontrollable, ungentle, unhuman, untamed, vicious, violent, virulent, wild, wild-eyed, wild-looking, wolfish