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Meaning of DILATION

Pronunciation:  dI'leyshun

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the act of expanding an aperture; "the dilation of the pupil of the eye"
  2. [n]  a lengthy discussion (spoken or written) on a particular topic

DILATION is a 8 letter word that starts with D.


 Synonyms: dilatation
 See Also: discourse, discussion, enlargement, expansion, mydriasis, treatment, vasodilation



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Di*la"tion\, n. [L. dilatio. See {Dilatory}.]
    Delay. [Obs.] --Bp. Hall.
  2. \Di*la"tion\, n. [From dilate, v., cf. {Dilatation},
    The act of dilating, or the state of being dilated;
    expansion; dilatation. --Mrs. Browning.
          At first her eye with slow dilation rolled. --Tennyson.
          A gigantic dilation of the hateful figure. --Dickens.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: aggrandizement, amplification, ballyhoo, big talk, bloat, bloatedness, bloating, blowing up, boil, bump, bunion, burlesque, carbuncle, caricature, corn, cyst, development, diastole, dilatation, distension, dropsy, edema, elaboration, enhancement, enlargement, exaggerating, exaggeration, excess, exorbitance, expansion, expatiation, explication, extravagance, extreme, flatulence, flatulency, flatus, furuncle, gassiness, grandiloquence, heightening, huckstering, hyperbole, hyperbolism, inflation, inordinacy, intumescence, lump, magnification, meteorism, overemphasis, overestimation, overkill, overstatement, pimple, pock, prodigality, profuseness, puff, puffery, puffiness, puffing, puffing up, pustule, rising, sebaceous cyst, sensationalism, stretching, superlative, swell, swellage, swelling, swollenness, tall talk, touting, travesty, tumefaction, tumescence, tumidity, tumidness, tumor, turgescence, turgescency, turgidity, turgidness, tympanism, tympany, unfolding, wen, windiness, working-out