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Pronunciation:  du'mânstrutiv

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a pronoun that points out an intended referent
  2. [adj]  given to or marked by the open expression of emotion; "an affectionate and demonstrative family"
  3. [adj]  serving to demonstrate

DEMONSTRATIVE is a 13 letter word that starts with D.


 Synonyms: demonstrative pronoun, effusive, emotional, gushing(a), gushy, illustrative, informative, instructive
 Antonyms: undemonstrative
 See Also: pronoun, unreserved



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \De*mon"stra*tive\, a. [F. d['e]monstratif, L.
    1. Having the nature of demonstration; tending to
       demonstrate; making evident; exhibiting clearly or
       conclusively. ``Demonstrative figures.'' --Dryden.
             An argument necessary and demonstrative. --Hooker.
    2. Expressing, or apt to express, much; displaying feeling or
       sentiment; as, her nature was demonstrative.
    3. Consisting of eulogy or of invective. ``Demonstrative
       eloquence.'' --Blair.
    {Demonstrative pronoun} (Gram.), a pronoun distinctly
       designating that to which it refers.
  2. \De*mon"stra*tive\, n. (Gram.)
    A demonstrative pronoun; as, ``this'' and ``that'' are
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: accessible, adoring, affectional, affectionate, affective, allegorizing, angelophanic, annotative, apodictic, appearing, approachable, candid, Christophanic, clarifying, communicative, conjugal, connotative, conversable, critical, demonstrating, demonstrational, demythologizing, denominative, denotative, designative, devoted, diagnostic, disclosive, displaying, editorial, effusive, elucidative, emblematic, emotiometabolic, emotiomotor, emotional, emotiovascular, emotive, enlightening, epiphanic, euhemeristic, evident, evidential, evincive, exegetic, exemplificative, exhibitive, expansive, explaining, explanatory, explicative, explicatory, expositional, expositive, expository, expressive, extroverted, faithful, feeling, figural, figurative, filial, fond, frank, free, free-speaking, free-spoken, free-tongued, glandular, glossarial, gossipy, gut, husbandly, identifying, ideographic, idiosyncratic, illuminating, illuminative, illustrative, implicative, incarnating, incarnational, indicating, indicative, indicatory, individual, languishing, lovelorn, lovesick, lovesome, loving, manifestative, materializing, maternal, meaningful, melting, metaphorical, naming, newsy, of soul, open, outgoing, outpouring, outspoken, overdemonstrative, parental, paternal, pathognomonic, peculiar, plain, pneumatophanic, presentational, probative, profuse, promulgatory, provable, rationalistic, rationalizing, representative, revelational, revelatory, romantic, Satanophanic, scholiastic, self-revealing, self-revelatory, semantic, semiotic, sentimental, showing, signalizing, significant, significative, signifying, sociable, soft, soulful, suggestive, symbolic, symbolistic, symbological, symptomatic, symptomatologic, talkative, tender, theophanic, typical, unconstrained, unhampered, unrepressed, unreserved, unrestrained, unrestricted, unreticent, unsecretive, unshrinking, unsilent, unsuppressed, uxorious, visceral, warm, wifely