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Meaning of CURVATURE

Pronunciation:  'kurvuchur

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the property possessed by the curving of a line or surface
  2. [n]  the rate of change (at a point) of the angle between a curve and a tangent to the curve
  3. [n]  (medical) a curving or bending; often abnormal; "curvature of the spine"

CURVATURE is a 9 letter word that starts with C.


 Synonyms: curve
 See Also: condition, configuration, conformation, contour, curliness, derivative, derived function, differential, differential coefficient, first derivative, form, shape, status, straightness



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Cur"va*ture\ (k?r"v?-t?r; 135), n. [L. curvatura. See
1. The act of curving, or the state of being bent or curved;
   a curving or bending, normal or abnormal, as of a line or
   surface from a rectilinear direction; a bend; a curve.

         The elegant curvature of their fronds. --Darwin.

2. (Math.) The amount of degree of bending of a mathematical
   curve, or the tendency at any point to depart from a
   tangent drawn to the curve at that point.

{Aberrancy of curvature} (Geom.), the deviation of a curve
   from a circular form.

{Absolute curvature}. See under {Absolute}.

{Angle of curvature} (Geom.), one that expresses the amount
   of curvature of a curve.

{Chord of curvature}. See under {Chord}.

{Circle of curvature}. See {Osculating circle of a curve},
   under {Circle}.

{Curvature of the spine} (Med.), an abnormal curving of the
   spine, especially in a lateral direction.

{Radius of curvature}, the radius of the circle of curvature,
   or osculatory circle, at any point of a curve.