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Meaning of COLT

Pronunciation:  kowlt, kowlt

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a young male horse under the age of four
  2. [n]  (trademark) a kind of revolver

COLT is a 4 letter word that starts with C.


 See Also: foal, revolver, ridgel, ridgeling, ridgil, ridgling, six-gun, six-shooter



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Colt\ (?; 110), n. [OE. colt a young horse, ass, or camel,
    AS. colt; cf. dial. Sw. kullt a boy, lad.]
    1. The young of the equine genus or horse kind of animals; --
       sometimes distinctively applied to the male, filly being
       the female. Cf. {Foal}.
    Note: In sporting circles it is usual to reckon the age of
          colts from some arbitrary date, as from January 1, or
          May 1, next preceding the birth of the animal.
    2. A young, foolish fellow. --Shak.
    3. A short knotted rope formerly used as an instrument of
       punishment in the navy. --Ham. Nav. Encyc.
    {Colt's tooth}, an imperfect or superfluous tooth in young
    {To cast one's colt's tooth}, to cease from youthful
       wantonness. ``Your colt's tooth is not cast yet.'' --Shak.
    {To have a colt's tooth}, to be wanton. --Chaucer.
  2. \Colt\ (?; 110), v. i.
    To frisk or frolic like a colt; to act licentiously or
    wantonly. [Obs.]
          They shook off their bridles and began to colt.
  3. \Colt\, v. t.
    1. To horse; to get with young. --Shak.
    2. To befool. [Obs.] --Shak.
Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing a colt in your dream, suggests that you are feeling awkward and insecure. You are starting to unleash your unused potential.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: beginner, birdling, boot, boy, brood mare, bub, bubba, buck, bud, buddy, calf, catling, charger, chick, chickling, chicky, courser, critter, cub, dobbin, dogie, duckling, entire, entire horse, equine, fawn, fellow, filly, fledgling, foal, freshman, fryer, gelding, gosling, hobbledehoy, horse, Houyhnhnm, kid, kit, kitten, lad, laddie, lamb, lambkin, litter, manchild, mare, master, mount, muchacho, nag, neophyte, nest, nestling, newcomer, novitiate, piglet, pigling, polliwog, prancer, pullet, pup, puppy, rookie, schoolboy, shoat, sonny, sonny boy, stallion, steed, stud, studhorse, tadpole, tarpan, top horse, tyro, war-horse, weaner, whelp, wild horse, yeanling, young man, youth