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Meaning of BUB

Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Bub\, n.
    Strong malt liquor. [Cant] --Prior.
  2. \Bub\, n. [Cf. 2d {Bubby}.]
    A young brother; a little boy; -- a familiar term of address
    of a small boy.
  3. \Bub\, v. t. [Abbrev. from {Bubble}.]
    To throw out in bubbles; to bubble. [Obs.] --Sackville.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: aunt, auntie, blood brother, boy, brethren, brother, bubba, buck, bud, buddy, colt, country cousin, cousin, cousin once removed, cousin twice removed, cub, daughter, father, fellow, first cousin, fledgling, foster brother, frater, grandnephew, grandniece, granduncle, great-aunt, great-uncle, half brother, hobbledehoy, kid brother, lad, laddie, manchild, master, mother, muchacho, nephew, niece, nuncle, nunks, nunky, pup, puppy, schoolboy, second cousin, sis, sissy, sister, sister-german, sistern, son, sonny, sonny boy, stepbrother, stepsister, unc, uncle, uncs, uterine brother, whelp, young man, youth