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Pronunciation:  [adj]`arith'metik, [n]u'rithmutik, u'rithmu`tik

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the branch of pure mathematics dealing with the theory of numerical calculations
  2. [adj]  relating to or involving arithmetic; "arithmetical computations"

ARITHMETIC is a 10 letter word that starts with A.


 Synonyms: arithmetical
 See Also: algorism, pure mathematics



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\A*rith"me*tic\, n. [OE. arsmetike, OF. arismetique,
L. arithmetica, fr. Gr. ? (sc. ?), fr. ? arithmetical, fr. ?
to number, fr. ? number, prob. fr. same root as E. arm, the
idea of counting coming from that of fitting, attaching. See
{Arm}. The modern Eng. and French forms are accommodated to
the Greek.]
1. The science of numbers; the art of computation by figures.

2. A book containing the principles of this science.

{Arithmetic of sines}, trigonometry.

{Political arithmetic}, the application of the science of
   numbers to problems in civil government, political
   economy, and social science.

{Universal arithmetic}, the name given by Sir Isaac Newton to

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: algebra, algebraic geometry, analysis, analytic geometry, associative algebra, binary arithmetic, Boolean algebra, calculation, calculus, ciphering, circle geometry, descriptive geometry, differential calculus, division algebra, equivalent algebras, estimation, Euclidean geometry, figuring, Fourier analysis, game theory, geodesy, geometry, graphic algebra, group theory, higher algebra, higher arithmetic, hyperbolic geometry, infinitesimal calculus, integral calculus, intuitional geometry, invariant subalgebra, inverse geometry, Lagrangian function, line geometry, linear algebra, mathematical physics, matrix algebra, metageometry, modular arithmetic, natural geometry, nilpotent algebra, n-tuple linear algebra, number theory, plane trigonometry, political arithmetic, projective geometry, proper subalgebra, quaternian algebra, reckoning, reducible algebra, set theory, simple algebra, solid geometry, speculative geometry, spherical trigonometry, statistics, subalgebra, systems analysis, topology, trig, trigonometry, universal algebra, universal geometry, vector algebra, zero algebra