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Meaning of ARGUE

Pronunciation:  'ârgyoo

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [v]  present reasons and arguments
  2. [v]  give evidence of; "The evidence argues for your claim"; "The results indicate the need for more work"
  3. [v]  have an argument about something

ARGUE is a 5 letter word that starts with A.


 Synonyms: contend, debate, fence, indicate, reason
 See Also: altercate, argufy, bicker, brabble, converse, defend, differ, disagree, discourse, dispute, dissent, expostulate, fend for, lay out, niggle, oppose, pettifog, present, quarrel, quibble, re-argue, represent, scrap, spar, squabble, stickle, support, take issue



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Ar"gue\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. {Argued}; p. pr. & vb. n.
    {Arguing}.] [OE. arguen, F. arguer, fr. L. argutare, freq. of
    arguere to make clear; from the same root as E. argent.]
    1. To invent and offer reasons to support or overthrow a
       proposition, opinion, or measure; to use arguments; to
             I argue not Against Heaven's hand or will. --Milton.
    2. To contend in argument; to dispute; to reason; -- followed
       by with; as, you may argue with your friend without
       convincing him.
  2. \Ar"gue\, v. t.
    1. To debate or discuss; to treat by reasoning; as, the
       counsel argued the cause before a full court; the cause
       was well argued.
    2. To prove or evince; too manifest or exhibit by inference,
       deduction, or reasoning.
             So many laws argue so many sins.      --Milton.
    3. To persuade by reasons; as, to argue a man into a
       different opinion.
    4. To blame; to accuse; to charge with. [Obs.]
             Thoughts and expressions . . . which can be truly
             argued of obscenity, profaneness, or immorality.
    Syn: to reason; evince; discuss; debate; expostulate;
         remonstrate; controvert.
    Usage: To {Argue}, {Dispute}, {Debate}. These words, as here
           compared, suppose a contest between two parties in
           respect to some point at issue. To argue is to adduce
           arguments or reasons in support of one's cause or
           position. To dispute is to call in question or deny
           the statements or arguments of the opposing party. To
           debate is to strive for or against in a somewhat
           formal manner by arguments.
                 Men of many words sometimes argue for the sake
                 of talking; men of ready tongues frequently
                 dispute for the sake of victory; men in public
                 life often debate for the sake of opposing the
                 ruling party, or from any other motive than the
                 love of truth.                    --Crabb.
                 Unskilled to argue, in dispute yet loud, Bold
                 without caution, without honors proud.
                 Betwixt the dearest friends to raise debate.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: affirm, agitate, allege, altercate, analyze, announce, annunciate, approve, argufy, assert, assever, asseverate, attest, aver, avouch, avow, balk, bandy words, be construed as, be indicative of, be significant of, be symptomatic of, bespeak, betoken, bicker, breathe, canvass, cavil, characterize, choplogic, claim, clash, conflict, connote, contend, contest, convince, cross swords, cut and thrust, debate, declare, defend, demonstrate, demur, denominate, denote, differ, differentiate, disaccord, disagree, discept, disclose, discuss, display, dispute, dissent, dissuade, entail, enunciate, establish, evidence, evince, exhibit, expostulate, express, fight, furnish evidence, give and take, give evidence, give indication of, give token, go to show, hassle, have, have it out, highlight, hint, hold, identify, illustrate, imply, import, indicate, insist, investigate, involve, issue a manifesto, jib, join issue, justify, lay down, lock horns, logomachize, maintain, manifest, manifesto, mark, mean, moot, note, object, persuade, pettifog, plead, point to, polemicize, polemize, predicate, prevail upon, proclaim, profess, pronounce, protest, prove, put, put it, quarrel, quibble, reason, refer to, remonstrate, reveal, review, row, say, scrap, set down, set forth, show, show signs of, sift, signalize, signify, spar, speak, speak for itself, speak out, speak up, speak volumes, spell, squabble, stand for, stand on, state, study, submit, suggest, symbolize, symptomatize, symptomize, take sides, talk, talk out of, tell, tend to show, testify, thrash out, try conclusions, ventilate, vindicate, warrant, witness, wrangle