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Meaning of MEDIA

Pronunciation:  'meedeeu

Matching Terms:  media access control, media access unit, media consultant, media converter, media gateway control protocol, mediacy, mediaeval, mediaevalism, mediaevalist, mediaevally, mediaevals, medial, medial compartment, medial condyle, medial geniculate body, medial malleolus, medial meniscus, medial rectus, medial rectus muscle, medial supraclavicular lymph nodes, medially, medialuna, median, median effective concentration, median effective dose, median lethal concentration, median lethal dose, median nerve, median survival time, median time to elimination, median value, median(a), mediant, mediastinal, mediastine, mediastinoscopy, mediastinotomy, mediastinum, mediate, mediated, mediately, mediateness, mediation, mediative, mediatization, mediatize, mediator, mediatorial, mediatorship, mediatory, mediatress, mediatrix, medic, medicable, medicago, medicago arborea, medicago echinus, medicago falcata, medicago intertexta, medicago lupulina, medicago sativa, medicaid, medicaid funds, medical, medical aid, medical assistant, medical bill, medical building, medical care, medical castration, medical center, medical checkup, medical community, medical diagnosis, medical dressing, medical evacuation, medical exam, medical examination, medical examiner, medical expense, medical extern, medical history, medical imaging, medical informatics, medical institution, medical instrument, medical intern, medical literature analysis and retrieval system, medical man, medical officer, medical oncologist, medical practice, medical practitioner, medical procedure, medical profession, medical prognosis, medical record, medical relation, medical report, medical school, medical science, medical scientist, medical social worker, medical specialist, medical specialty, medical student, medically, medicament, medicamental, medicare, medicare check, medicare payment, medicaster, medicate, medication, medicative, medicean, medici, medicinable, medicinal, medicinal drug, medicinal leech, medicinally, medicine, medicine ball, medicine cabinet, medicine chest, medicine man, medick, medico, medicolegal, medico-legal, medicommissure, medicornu, medics, mediety, medieval, medieval greek, medieval latin, medieval mode, medieval schoolman, medievalist, medifixed, medina, medina epoch, medinilla, medinilla magnifica, medino, mediocral, mediocre, mediocrist, mediocrity, mediostapedial, medioxumous, meditance, meditate, meditation, meditatist, meditative, meditatively, meditativeness, mediterranean, mediterranean anaemia, mediterranean anchovy, mediterranean anemia, mediterranean cypress, mediterranean fever, mediterranean flour moth, mediterranean fruit fly, mediterranean hackberry, mediterranean sea, mediterranean snapdragon, mediterranean water shrew, mediterraneous, medium, medium access control, medium frequency, medium of exchange, medium steel, medium wave, medium-sized, medius, medivac

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: communication engineering, communication explosion, communication technology, communication theory, communications, communications engineer, communications industry, communications medium, communications network, electrical communication, electronic communication, electronic communications, information explosion, information theory, radiocommunication, signaling, telecommunication, wire communication, wireless communication