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Meaning of MECHANIC

Pronunciation:  mu'kanik

Matching Terms:  mechanical, mechanical advantage, mechanical device, mechanical drawing, mechanical energy, mechanical engineer, mechanical engineering, mechanical isolation, mechanical man, mechanical mixture, mechanical phenomenon, mechanical piano, mechanical press, mechanical solidarity, mechanical system, mechanicalize, mechanically, mechanically skillful, mechanicalness, mechanician, mechanico-chemical, mechanics, mechanic's lien, mechanisation, mechanise, mechanised, mechanism, mechanist, mechanistic, mechanistically, mechanization, mechanize, mechanized, mechanized cavalry

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing a mechanic in your dream, suggests that you need to work on healing your past hurts and trauma.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: aeromechanic, aeronautical engineer, aircraftsman, apprentice, artificer, artisan, artist, cobbler, craftsman, craftswoman, doctor, fixer, flight tester, grease monkey, ground tester, handicraftsman, jet engineer, journeyman, little Miss Fixit, machinist, maintenance man, master, master carpenter, master craftsman, mechanician, mender, prentice, renovator, repairer, repairman, restorer, rigger, rocket engineer, serviceman, technician, tinker, trouble man, troubleshooter, wright