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Meaning of FAIRY

Pronunciation:  'fehree

Matching Terms:  fair, fair ball, fair catch, fair copy, fair deal, fair game, fair havens, fair hearing, fair market value, fair to middling, fair use, fair weather, fair(a), fair-and-square, fairbanks, fairchild f8, fairground, fair-haired, fair-haired(a), --fairholt., fairhood, fairily, fairing, fairish, fairlead, fair-leader, fairly, fair-maids-of-france, fair-minded, fair-mindedness, fair-natured, fairness, fairness commission, fairs, fairway, fairway crested wheat grass, fair-weather, fair-world, fairy armadillo, fairy bell, fairy bluebird, fairy circle, fairy cup, fairy lantern, fairy light, fairy ring, fairy shrimp, fairy story, fairy swallow, fairy tale, fairyland, fairylike, fairy-ring mushroom, fairy-slipper, fairytale

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing a fairy in your dream means joy and happiness in your surroundings. It may also represent a feminine qualities and aspects of yourself. Seeing a sad fairy in your dream, symbolizes loss of love or money, or both.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: air, Ariel, auntie, banshee, Befind, bi-guy, bisexual, brownie, bubble, bull dyke, butch, catamite, chaff, chicken, chip, cluricaune, cobweb, cork, Corrigan, down, dust, dwarf, dyke, elf, elfin, elfish, elflike, ether, faery, fag, faggot, fairy queen, fairyish, fairylike, fay, feather, femme, Finnbeara, flit, flue, fluff, foam, fricatrice, froth, fruit, fuzz, gnome, gnomelike, gnomish, goblin, gossamer, gremlin, gunsel, hob, homo, homophile, homosexual, homosexualist, imp, invert, kobold, leprechaun, lesbian, Mab, mote, nance, Oberon, ouphe, pansy, pathic, peri, pixie, pixieish, pooka, puca, puck, punk, pwca, queen, queer, sapphist, sponge, sprite, spume, straw, sylph, sylphid, sylphidine, sylphine, sylphish, sylphlike, sylphy, thistledown, Titania, tribade