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Meaning of WICKER

Pronunciation:  'wikur

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  work made of interlaced slender branches (especially willow branches)
  2. [n]  slender flexible branches or twigs (especially of willow or some canes); used for wickerwork

WICKER is a 6 letter word that starts with W.


 Synonyms: caning, wickerwork
 See Also: piece of work, wood, work



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Wick"er\, n. [OE. wiker, wikir, osier, probably akin to
    AS. w[=i]can to give way. Cf. {Weak}.]
    1. A small pliant twig or osier; a rod for making basketwork
       and the like; a withe.
    2. Wickerwork; a piece of wickerwork, esp. a basket.
             Then quick did dress His half milk up for cheese,
             and in a press Of wicker pressed it.  --Chapman.
    3. Same as 1st {Wike}. [Prov. Eng.]
  2. \Wick"er\, a.
    Made of, or covered with, twigs or osiers, or wickerwork.
          Each one a little wicker basket had, Made of fine
          twigs, entrail['e]d curiously.           --Spenser.