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Meaning of PURFLE

Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Pur"fle\, v. t. [OF. pourfiler; pour for + fil a thread,
    L. filum. See {Profile}, and cf. {Purl} a border.]
    1. To decorate with a wrought or flowered border; to
       embroider; to ornament with metallic threads; as, to
       purfle with blue and white. --P. Plowman.
             A goodly lady clad in scarlet red, Purfled with gold
             and pearl of rich assay.              --Spenser.
    2. (Her.) To ornament with a bordure of emines, furs, and the
       like; also, with gold studs or mountings.
  2. \Pur"fle\, Purflew \Pur"flew\, n.
    1. A hem, border., or trimming, as of embroidered work.
    2. (Her.) A border of any heraldic fur.