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Meaning of PLOTTED

Pronunciation:  pl'√Ętud

WordNet Dictionary
[adj]  planned in advance; "with malice aforethought"

PLOTTED is a 7 letter word that starts with P.


 Synonyms: aforethought(ip), planned, premeditated



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: admeasured, appraised, approaching, arranged, assessed, blueprinted, calculated, charted, coming, contrived, cooked-up, cut out, cut-and-dried, cut-and-dry, designed, desired, destinal, destined, determined, devised, emergent, eventual, extrapolated, fatal, fated, fatidic, figured, fixed, forthcoming, future, futuristic, gauged, hereafter, hoped-for, imminent, in the bag, in the works, known by measurement, later, mapped, measured, metered, methodized, nearing, on ice, on the agenda, on the anvil, on the calendar, on the carpet, on the docket, on the tapis, organized, packed, planned, prearranged, preconcerted, precontrived, predicted, premeditated, preordered, probable, projected, prophesied, prospective, put-up, quantified, quantized, rationalized, rigged, scheduled, schematized, schemed, set, set-up, shaped, stacked, strategetic, strategic, sur le tapis, surveyed, systematized, tactical, to come, to-be, triangulated, ultimate, valuated, valued, worked out