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Meaning of LIFTING

Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Lift"ing\, a.
Used in, or for, or by, lifting.

{Lifting bridge}, a lift bridge.

{Lifting jack}. See 2d {Jack}, 5.

{Lifting machine}. See {Health lift}, under {Health}.

{Lifting pump}. (Mach.)
(a) A kind of pump having a bucket, or valved piston, instead
    of a solid piston, for drawing water and lifting it to a
    high level.
(b) A pump which lifts the water only to the top of the pump,
    or delivers it through a spout; a lift pump.

{Lifting rod}, a vertical rod lifted by a rock shaft, and
   imparting motion to a puppet valve; -- used in the engines
   of river steamboats.

{Lifting sail} (Naut.), one which tends to lift a vessel's
   bow out of water, as jibs and square foresails.