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Meaning of INTERFUSE

Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\In`ter*fuse"\, v. t. [L. interfusus, p. p. of
interfundere to pour between; inter between + fundere to
pour. See {Fuse} to melt.]
1. To pour or spread between or among; to diffuse; to

         The ambient air, wide interfused, Embracing round
         this florid earth.                    --Milton.

2. To spread through; to permeate; to pervade. [R.]

         Keats, in whom the moral seems to have so perfectly
         interfused the physical man, that you might almost
         say he could feel sorrow with his hands. --Lowell.

3. To mix up together; to associate. --H. Spencer.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: add, amalgamate, assimilate, blend, coalesce, combine, come together, compound, comprise, connect, consolidate, diffuse, embody, encompass, flux, fuse, immingle, impregnate, include, incorporate, infuse, integrate, interblend, interlard, intermingle, intermix, interpenetrate, intersow, intersperse, intersprinkle, join, lump together, make one, meld, melt into one, merge, mingle, mix, penetrate, percolate, pervade, put together, reembody, roll into one, saturate, shade into, solidify, syncretize, syndicate, synthesize, transfuse, unify, unite