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Meaning of HORRIBLE

Pronunciation:  'horubul

WordNet Dictionary
[adj]  provoking horror; "an atrocious automobile accident"; "a frightful crime of decapitation"; "an alarming, even horrifying, picture"; "war is beyond all words horrible"- Winston Churchill; "an ugly wound"

HORRIBLE is a 8 letter word that starts with H.


 Synonyms: alarming, atrocious, frightful, horrifying, ugly



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Hor"ri*ble\, a. [OE. horrible, orrible, OF. horrible,
orrible, F. horrible, fr. L. horribilis, fr. horrere. See
Exciting, or tending to excite, horror or fear; dreadful;
terrible; shocking; hideous; as, a horrible sight; a horrible
story; a horrible murder.

      A dungeon horrible on all sides round.   --Milton.

Syn: Dreadful; frightful; fearful; terrible; awful; terrific;
     shocking; hideous; horrid.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abhorrent, abominable, appalling, arrant, astounding, atrocious, awe-inspiring, awesome, awful, baneful, base, beastly, beneath contempt, blameworthy, brutal, contemptible, deadly, deplorable, despicable, detestable, dire, direful, disagreeable, disgusting, dread, dreaded, dreadful, egregious, enormous, fearful, fell, fetid, filthy, flagrant, forbidding, formidable, foul, frightening, frightful, fulsome, ghastly, ghoulish, grievous, grim, grisly, gross, gruesome, harrowing, hateful, heinous, hideous, horrendous, horrid, horrific, horrifying, howling, infamous, lamentable, loathsome, lousy, lurid, macabre, monstrous, morbid, nasty, nauseating, nauseous, nefarious, noisome, notorious, obnoxious, odious, offensive, outrageous, pitiable, pitiful, rank, redoubtable, regrettable, repellent, repelling, reprehensible, repugnant, repulsive, revolting, rotten, rousing, sad, scandalous, schlock, schrecklich, scurvy, shabby, shameful, shocking, shoddy, sickening, sordid, squalid, terrible, terrific, terrifying, thumping, too bad, tragic, tremendous, unclean, unpleasant, unspeakable, vile, villainous, whacking, woeful, worst, worthless, wretched