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Meaning of GUILTY

Pronunciation:  'giltee

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [adj]  showing a sense of guilt; "a guilty look"; "the hangdog and shamefaced air of the retreating enemy"- Eric Linklater
  2. [adj]  responsible for or chargeable with a reprehensible act; or marked by guilt; "guilty of murder"; "the guilty person"; "secret guilty deeds"; "a guilty conscience"; "guilty behavior"

GUILTY is a 6 letter word that starts with G.


 Synonyms: ashamed(p), at fault, blamable, blameable, blameful, blameworthy, bloodguilty, censurable, chargeable, condemned, conscience-smitten, convicted, criminal, culpable, delinquent, finable, fineable, guilt-ridden, hangdog, indictable, punishable, red-handed, shamed, shamefaced
 Antonyms: clean-handed, guiltless, innocent
 See Also: inculpative, inculpatory, unrighteous



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Guilt"y\, a. [Compar. {Gultier}; superl. {Guiltiest}.]
[AS. gyltig liable. See {Guilt}.]
1. Having incurred guilt; criminal; morally delinquent;
   wicked; chargeable with, or responsible for, something
   censurable; justly exposed to penalty; -- used with of,
   and usually followed by the crime, sometimes by the

         They answered and said, He is guilty of death.
                                               --Matt. xxvi.

         Nor he, nor you, were guilty of the strife.

2. Evincing or indicating guilt; involving guilt; as, a
   guilty look; a guilty act; a guilty feeling.

3. Conscious; cognizant. [Obs.] --B. Jonson.

4. Condemned to payment. [Obs. & R.] --Dryden.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: accountable, amiss, answerable, apologetic, arraignable, ashamed, at fault, blamable, blameful, blameworthy, censurable, conscience-stricken, contrite, criminal, culpable, delinquent, embarrassed, faulty, impeachable, impeached, implicated, incriminated, inculpated, indictable, indicted, involved, offending, peccant, penitent, red-faced, regretful, remorseful, repentant, reprehensible, reproachable, reprovable, responsible, rueful, sheepish, sinful, sorrowful, sorry, to blame, unholy, wrong