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Meaning of FUNGI

Pronunciation:  'funjI

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  (pun) the one who buys the drinks
  2. [n]  the taxonomic kingdom of lower plants

FUNGI is a 5 letter word that starts with F.


 Synonyms: fungus kingdom, kingdom Fungi
 See Also: division Eumycota, division Gymnomycota, division Lichenes, division Myxomycota, Eumycota, fungus, fungus family, fungus genus, fungus order, Gymnomycota, kingdom, Lichenes, Myxomycota, Phycomycetes, Phycomycetes group, spend-all, spender, spendthrift



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Fun"gi\, n. pl. (Bot.)
    See {Fungus}.
  2. \Fun"gi\, n. pl. (Bot.)
    A group of thallophytic plants of low organization, destitute
    of chlorophyll, in which reproduction is mainly accomplished
    by means of asexual spores, which are produced in a great
    variety of ways, though sexual reproduction is known to occur
    in certain {Phycomycetes}, or so-called algal fungi.
    Note: The Fungi appear to have originated by degeneration
          from various alg[ae], losing their chlorophyll on
          assuming a parasitic or saprophytic life. By some they
          are divided into the subclasses {Phycomycetes}, the
          lower or algal fungi; the {Mesomycetes}, or
          intermediate fungi; and the {Mycomycetes}, or the
          higher fungi; by others into the {Phycomycetes}; the
          {Ascomycetes}, or sac-spore fungi; and the
          {Basidiomycetes}, or basidial-spore fungi.