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Meaning of CREEK

Pronunciation:  kreek, kreek

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a natural stream of water smaller than a river (and often a tributary of a river); "the creek dried up every summer"
  2. [n]  any member of the Creek Confederacy of Muskhogean peoples (especially the Muskogee) formerly living in Georgia and Alabama but now chiefly in Oklahoma

CREEK is a 5 letter word that starts with C.


 Synonyms: brook
 See Also: Aegospotami, Aegospotamos, American Indian, Indian, North American Indian, Red Indian, stream, watercourse



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Creek\ (kr[=e]k), n. [AS. crecca; akin to D. kreek, Icel.
kriki crack, nook; cf. W. crig crack, crigyll ravine, creek.
Cf. {Crick}, {Crook}.]
1. A small inlet or bay, narrower and extending further into
   the land than a cove; a recess in the shore of the sea, or
   of a river.

         Each creek and cavern of the dangerous shore.

         They discovered a certain creek, with a shore.
                                               --Acts xxvii.

2. A stream of water smaller than a river and larger than a

         Lesser streams and rivulets are denominated creeks.

3. Any turn or winding.

         The passages of alleys, creeks, and narrow lands.

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing a creek in your dream, represents your own personal energy flow and steady emotional release. Seeing a dried up creek indicates that you are being cut off from your spiritual being and being out of touch with yourself. You may also feel physically or emotionally drained.
Biology Dictionary
  1. A natural stream of water normally smaller than (and often tributary of) a river.
    1. A small stream, usually active.
    2. A naturally occurring swale or depression, which carries water either seasonally or year-round, and which appears as an above-ground creek on the Geological Survey Map.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: adolescent stream, arm, armlet, arroyo, bay, bayou, beck, belt, bight, boca, bourn, braided stream, branch, brook, brooklet, burn, channel, cove, crawl, creep, crick, ditch, edge, estuary, euripus, fjord, flowing stream, fluviation, fresh, freshet, frith, gill, glide, gulf, gumshoe, gut, harbor, inch, inlet, kill, kyle, lazy stream, loch, lurk, meandering stream, midchannel, midstream, millstream, mouse, mouth, moving road, narrow, narrow seas, narrows, natural harbor, navigable river, pussyfoot, race, racing stream, reach, rill, river, rivulet, road, roads, roadstead, run, rundle, runlet, runnel, shirk, sike, skulk, slide, slink, slip, slither, snake, sneak, sniggle, sound, spill stream, steal, strait, straits, stream, stream action, streamlet, subterranean river, tiptoe, wadi, watercourse, waterway, wriggle