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Meaning of CRAMBO

Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Cram"bo\ (-b[-o]), n. [Cf. {Cramp}, a., difficult.]
1. A game in which one person gives a word, to which another
   finds a rhyme.

         I saw in one corner . . . a cluster of men and
         women, diverting themselves with a game at crambo. I
         heard several double rhymes . . . which raised a
         great deal of mirth.                  --Addison.

2. A word rhyming with another word.

         His similes in order set And every crambo he could
         get.                                  --Swift.

{Dumb crambo}, a game in which one party of players give a
   word which rhymes with another, which last to be guessed
   by the opposing party, who represent in dumb show what
   they think it to be.