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Meaning of WINTER

Pronunciation:  'wintur

Matching Terms:  wintel, winter aconite, winter cherry, winter cress, winter crookneck, winter crookneck squash, winter currant, winter fern, winter flounder, winter flowering cherry, winter hazel, winter heath, winter heliotrope, winter jasmine, winter melon, winter melon vine, winter mushroom, winter olympic games, winter olympics, winter purslane, winter rose, winter run fish, winter savory, winter savoury, winter solstice, winter squash, winter squash plant, winter sweet, winter urn, winter wren, winter(a), wintera, wintera colorata, winteraceae, winter-beaten, winterberry, wintergreen, wintergreen family, wintergreen oil, winter-ground, winterise, winterize, winterkill, winterly, winter-proud, winter-rig, winter's bark, winter's bark family, winter's bark tree, wintertide, wintertime, winterweed, wintery

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming of winter means ill-health, depression. and misfortune. For others, it may symbolize a favorite time of the year signaling the holiday season of fun and frolic.