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Meaning of SWEETS

Matching Terms:  sweet, sweet acacia, sweet alison, sweet almond, sweet almond oil, sweet alyssum, sweet balm, sweet basil, sweet bay, sweet bells, sweet birch, sweet buckeye, sweet calabash, sweet calamus, sweet cassava, sweet cherry, sweet chestnut, sweet cicely, sweet cider, sweet clover, sweet coltsfoot, sweet corn, sweet corn plant, sweet cup, sweet elder, sweet false chamomile, sweet fanny adams, sweet fern, sweet flag, sweet four o'clock, sweet gale, sweet goldenrod, sweet granadilla, sweet grass, sweet gum, sweet gum tree, sweet lemon, sweet lime, sweet marjoram, sweet melon, sweet melon vine, sweet nothings, sweet oil, sweet orange, sweet orange tree, sweet pea, sweet pepper, sweet pepper plant, sweet pepperbush, sweet pickle, sweet potato, sweet potato vine, sweet reseda, sweet rocket, sweet roll, sweet sand verbena, sweet scabious, sweet shrub, sweet sorghum, sweet sultan, sweet talk, sweet talker, sweet tooth, sweet unicorn plant, sweet vermouth, sweet vetch, sweet violet, sweet wattle, sweet white violet, sweet william, sweet woodruff, sweet wormwood, sweet-birch oil, sweetbread, sweetbreads, sweet-breasted, sweetbriar, sweetbrier, sweeten, sweetened, sweetener, sweetening, sweet-faced, sweetheart, sweethearting, sweetie, sweeting, sweetish, sweetlambda, sweetleaf, sweetleaf family, sweetly, sweetmeat, sweetness, sweetness and light, sweetpea, sweet-potato ring rot, sweet-potato whitefly, sweetroot, sweet-scented, sweet-scented geranium, sweet-smelling, sweetsop, sweet-sop, sweetsop tree, sweet-talk, sweetwater, sweetweed, sweetwood, sweetwood bark, sweetwort

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing or eating sweets in you dream, represents indulgence, sensuality, and some forbidden pleasure. Perhaps you have been depriving yourself of some joy or pleasure. Alternatively, it may symbolize your rewards. This dream symbol may also be a metaphor for your sweetie or the special someone in your life.