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Meaning of SPINE

Pronunciation:  spIn

Matching Terms:  spin, spin around, spin doctor, spin drier, spin dryer, spin off, spin out, spin the bottle, spin the plate, spin the platter, spina bifida, spinaceous, spinach, spinach beet, spinach blight, spinach mustard, spinach plant, spinacia, spinacia oleracea, spinal, spinal accessory, spinal anaesthesia, spinal anaesthetic, spinal anesthesia, spinal anesthetic, spinal canal, spinal column, spinal cord, spinal curvature, spinal fluid, spinal fusion, spinal injury, spinal instability, spinal nerve, spinal puncture, spinal tap, spinal vein, spinally, spinate, spindle, spindle cell sarcoma, spindle fiber, spindle horn, spindle tree, spindleberry, spindleberry tree, spindle-legged, spindlelegs, spindle-shanked, spindleshanks, spindle-shaped, spindletail, spindle-tree family, spindleworm, spindling, spindly, spindrift, spin-dry, spineback, spinebill, spined, spine-finned, spinel, spinel ruby, spineless, spinelessness, spinescence, spinescent, spinet, spinetail, spine-tailed, spineted, spiniferous, spinifex, spiniform, spinigerous, spinii-spirulate, spininess, spink, spinnability, spinnaker, spinner, spinneret, spinnerule, spinney, spinning, spinning frame, spinning jenny, spinning machine, spinning rod, spinning top, spinning wheel, spinny, spinocerebellar disorder, spin-off, spinose, spinosity, spinous, spinoza, spinozism, spinozist, spinster, spinsterhood, spinstress, spinstry, spinthariscope, spinule, spinulescent, spinulose, spinus, spinus pinus, spinus tristis, spiny, spiny anteater, spiny dogfish, spiny headed worms, spiny lizard, spiny lobster, spiny puffer, spiny softshell, spiny talinum, spiny-finned fish, spiny-headed worm

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming about yours or someone else's spine, represents your support system and responsibilities. You need to keep your head high even in difficult times.