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Meaning of SHELL

Pronunciation:  shel

Matching Terms:  shelah, sheld, sheldafle, sheldfowl, sheldrake, shelduck, shelemiah, shelesh, shelf, shelf bracket, shelf fungus, shelf ice, shelf life, shelfa, shelfful, shelflike, shelfware, shelfy, shell bean, shell bean plant, shell collecting, shell corporation, shell entity, shell game, shell ginger, shell jacket, shell midden, shell out, shell parakeet, shell plating, shell script, shell shock, shell stitch, shell variable, shellac, shellac varnish, shellac wax, shellapple, shellbark, shellbark hickory, shelled, sheller, shelley, shellfire, shellfish, shellflower, shelling, shell-lac, shell-less, shellproof, shellwork, shelly, shelomi, shelter, shelter deck, shelter tent, shelterbelt, sheltered, sheltered workshop, shelterless, sheltery, sheltie, shelton jackson lee, shelve, shelver, shelving, shelvy

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing a shell in your dream means your inner desire to be sheltered, nourished and protected from life's problems.