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Meaning of QUARTET

Pronunciation:  kwor'tet

Matching Terms:  quarte, quartene, quartenylic, quarter, quarter crack, quarter day, quarter horse, quarter inch cartridge, quarter mile, quarter note, quarter plate, quarter round, quarter section, quarter sessions, quarter stock, quarter(a), quarterage, quarterback, quarter-century, quarter-circle, quarterdeck, quarter-deck, quartered, quarterfinal, quarterfoil, quarter-hour, quarterhung, quartering, quarterlight, quarterly, quartermaster, quartermaster general, quartern, quarteron, quarterpace, quarters, quarter-saw, quarterstaff, quartertone, quartervine, quartette

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you are in a quartet means that you will have an enjoyable life filled with many companions. You may also be seeking out a companions and partnerships to work together in a harmonious way. Seeing a quarter that you cannot join means your attempt to do a job that is beyond your capacity.