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Meaning of OYSTERS

Matching Terms:  oyster, oyster agaric, oyster bank, oyster bar, oyster bed, oyster catcher, oyster crab, oyster cracker, oyster dressing, oyster fish, oyster fungus, oyster mushroom, oyster park, oyster plant, oyster shell, oyster stew, oyster stuffing, oystercatcher, oysterfish, oyster-green, oystering, oysterling, oysters rockefeller

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you are Seeing or eating oysters indicates sexual urges and gratification. means that you will lose all your senses and morality in the pursuit of low pleasures and indulgences. Seeing oysters in your dream, symbolizes beauty, humility, wealth, wisdom, and a laid-back atmosphere. It may also indicate that tend to shut others out. Seeing oyster shells in your dream means that you will be frustrated in your attempt to secure the fortune of another.