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Meaning of OWL

Pronunciation:  awl

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing an owl in your dream, symbolizes wisdom, insight and virtue. The owl is also synonymous with death and darkness. Hearing the hoot of an owl indicates disappointments and forewarns that death creeps closely in the wake of joy and health. Seeing a dead owl means a narrow escape from desperate illness and death. Death in this sense may also represent a symbolic death, as in an important transition in life.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: angry clouds, avifauna, baby bird, bird, bird of Jove, bird of Juno, bird of Minerva, bird of night, bird of passage, bird of prey, birdie, birdlife, birdy, black cat, black clouds, broken mirror, cage bird, chick, cygnet, diving bird, dove, eagle, eaglet, fish-eating bird, fledgling, flightless bird, fowl, fruit-eating bird, fulmar, game bird, gathering clouds, halcyon bird, insect-eating bird, migrant, migratory bird, nestling, oscine bird, passerine bird, peacock, peafowl, peahen, perching bird, pigeon, rainbow, ratite, raven, sea bird, seed-eating bird, shooting star, shore bird, songbird, squab, storm clouds, storm petrel, stormy petrel, swan, thundercloud, thunderhead, wading bird, warbler, water bird, waterfowl, wildfowl