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Meaning of ORANGES

Matching Terms:  orange, orange balsam, orange bat, orange book, orange daisy, orange fleabane, orange grass, orange grove, orange hawkweed, orange horseshoe bat, orange juice, orange liqueur, orange marmalade, orange milkweed, orange milkwort, orange mushroom pimple, orange peel, orange peel fungus, orange pekoe, orange red, orange rind, orange river, orange sneezeweed, orange soda, orange toast, orange tortrix, orange tree, orange yellow, orange zest, orangeade, orangeat, orange-blossom orchid, orangeism, orange-juice concentrate, orangeman, orangeness, orangeroot, orangery, orangetawny, orangewood

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing orange trees in your dream means health and prosperity. Dreaming that you are Seeing or eating oranges indicates negative vibes, dissatisfaction in your business circles, illness in the family, or separation/loss of a lover.