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Meaning of OATS

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that oats are being fed to a horse indicates luxury and ease entering your life. Dreaming that oats are being refused by the animal means a poorly-made decision regarding your finances or living conditions. Seeing decayed oats. indicates poverty or great sorrow coming your way.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: alfilaria, bamboo, barley, beach grass, beard grass, Bengal grass, bent, bent grass, bird seed, black bent, bluegrass, bog grass, bran, buckwheat, buffalo grass, bulrush, bunch grass, canary grass, cane, cat food, chicken feed, chop, corn, cotton grass, crab grass, dog food, eatage, English rye grass, ensilage, feather grass, feed, flyaway grass, fodder, forage, four-leaved grass, grain, grasses, hassock grass, hay, horsetail, Italian rye grass, Kentucky bluegrass, little quaking grass, lovegrass, maize, mash, meadow fescue, meadow foxtail, meadow grass, meal, millet, myrtle grass, paddy, palm-leaved grass, pampas grass, papyrus, pasturage, pasture, peppergrass, pet food, provender, reed, ribbon grass, rice, rush, rye, scratch, scratch feed, scutch, sedge, sesame, sesame grass, silage, slops, sorghum, straw, striped grass, sugar cane, swill, switch grass, sword grass, tufted hair grass, wheat, wild oats, wire grass, woolly beard grass, worm grass, zebra grass, zoysia