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Meaning of JUG

Pronunciation:  jug

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing filled jugs in your dream means reunion of friends. Seeing empty jugs in your dream, foretells of estrangement by friends due to your conduct. Seeing broken jugs in your dream means sickness and failures in employment.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: adobe, bastille, biscuit, bisque, bowl, brick, calabash, calaboose, can, canteen, carafe, carboy, caster, cement, ceramic ware, ceramics, china, chokey, clink, confine, constrain, cooler, coop, crock, crockery, cruet, cruse, decanter, demijohn, enamelware, ewer, fifth, firebrick, flacon, flagon, flask, flasket, glass, gourd, hipflask, hoosegow, hot-water bottle, immure, incarcerate, jail, jar, jeroboam, lockup, lota, magnum, mussuk, olla, pen, phial, pokey, porcelain, pot, pottery, prison, quod, refractory, slammer, stir, stoup, tile, tiling, urn, vacuum bottle, vase, vial