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Meaning of GENIE

Pronunciation:  'jeenee

Matching Terms:  genial, geniality, genially, genialness, genian, genic, genic selection, genicular vein, geniculate, geniculate body, geniculated, geniculation, genie services, genio, geniohyoid, genip, genipa, genipa americana, genipap, genipap fruit, genista, genista anglica, genista hispanica, genista raetam, genista tinctoria, genital, genital herpes, genital organ, genital personality, genital phase, genital stage, genital system, genital wart, genital warts, genitalia, genitals, geniting, genitival, genitive, genitive case, genitocrural, genitor, genitourinary, genitourinary apparatus, genitourinary system, geniture, genius, genius loci

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing a genie in your dream, represents your creative and mind power.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: afreet, Baba Yaga, barghest, cacodemon, daeva, demon, devil, dybbuk, evil genius, evil spirit, fiend, fiend from hell, genius, ghoul, gyre, hellion, incubus, jinni, jinniyeh, lamia, Lilith, rakshasa, satan, shedu, succubus, the undead, vampire, yogini