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Meaning of FORGET

Pronunciation:  fur'get

Matching Terms:  forge, forged, forgeman, forger, forgery, forgetful, forgetful person, forgetfully, forgetfulness, forgetive, forget-me-not, forgettable, forgetter, forgetting, forgettingly

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you keep forgetting, is your subconscious manifesting itself in your dream that you may have forgotten an appointment or date.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abandon, blink at, blow up, brush aside, brush off, bury the hatchet, charge off, charge to experience, consign to oblivion, discount, dismiss, disregard, draw a blank, drop the subject, fail, fluff, forget about it, forget it, forgive and forget, ignore, lay aside, leave behind, let it go, let it pass, let slip, lose, lose sight of, not remember, omit, overlook, overpass, push aside, put aside, set aside, shrug off, slight, sneeze at, think nothing of, thrust aside, turn away from, write off