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Meaning of CRICKET

Pronunciation:  'krikit

Matching Terms:  cricket ball, cricket bat, cricket equipment, cricket frog, cricket match, cricket-bat willow, cricketer

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing crickets in your dream, represents introspection. You are seeking guidance. Hearing crickets in your dream, suggests that you are letting minor things bother you.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: boiler factory, boiler room, bull-roarer, candor, catcall, cherry bomb, cicada, cicala, clack, clacker, clapper, cracker, dog-day cicada, fair play, fair shake, fair-mindedness, fairness, firecracker, good sportsmanship, grasshopper, hopper, hoppergrass, horn, Klaxon, locust, noisemaker, rattle, rattlebox, siren, snapper, sportsmanlikeness, sportsmanliness, sportsmanship, square deal, steam whistle, the fair thing, the handsome thing, the proper thing, ticktack, whistle, whizgig, whizzer