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Meaning of WASH OUT

Pronunciation:  wâshawt

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [v]  remove by the application of water or other liquid and soap or some other cleaning agent; "he washed the dirt from his coat"; "The nurse washed away the blood"; "Can you wash away the spots on the windows?"; "he managed to wash out the stains"
  2. [v]  lose color in the process of being washed; "The expensive shirt washed out in the German washing machine"
  3. [v]  drain off the color in the course of laundering; "The harsh soap washed out the delicate blouse"
  4. [v]  deplete of strength or vitality; "The illness washed her out"
  5. [v]  wash free from unwanted substances, such as dirt; "Wash out your dirty shirt in the sink"
  6. [v]  make useless by the force of water; "The hail storms had washed out the bridges"
  7. [v]  prevent or interrupt due to rain; "The storm had washed out the game"
 Synonyms: rain out, wash, wash away, wash off
 See Also: destroy, discolor, keep, launder, prevent, remove, ruin, take, take away, weaken, withdraw