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Meaning of PRIOR

Pronunciation:  'prIur

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  the head of a religious order; in an abbey the prior is next below the abbot

PRIOR is a 5 letter word that starts with P.


 See Also: superior



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1.    Then the old man Was wroth, and doubled up his hands.
    3. To be the double of; to exceed by twofold; to contain or
       be worth twice as much as.
             Thus re["e]nforced, against the adverse fleet, Still
             doubling ours, brave Rupert leads the way. --Dryden.
    4. To pass around or by; to march or sail round, so as to
       reverse the direction of motion.
             Sailing along the coast, the doubled the promontory
             of Carthage.                          --Knolles.
    5. (Mil.) To unite, as ranks or files, so as to form one from
       each two.
  2. \Pri"or\, a.
    First, precedent, or superior in the order of cognition,
    reason or generality, origin, development, rank, etc.
  3. \Pri"or\, a. [L. prior former, previous, better, superior;
    compar. corresponding to primus first, and pro for. See
    {Former}, and cf. {Prime}, a., and {Pre-}, {Pro-}.]
    Preceding in the order of time; former; antecedent; anterior;
    previous; as, a prior discovery; prior obligation; -- used
    elliptically in cases like the following: he lived alone [in
    the time] prior to his marriage.
  4. \Pri"or\, n. [OE. priour, OF. priour, prior, priur, F.
    prieur, from L. prior former, superior. See {Prior}, a.]
    The superior of a priory, and next below an abbot in dignity.
    {Conventical}, or {Conventual}, {prior}, a prior who is at
       the head of his own house. See the Note under {Priory}.
    {Claustral prior}, an official next in rank to the abbot in a
       monastery; prior of the cloisters.