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Meaning of POINT AT

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: address to, advert to, aim, aim at, allude to, be taken as, bend, bring to attention, bring to notice, call attention to, cite, denominate, denote, deride, designate, determine, direct, direct attention to, direct to, directionize, emblematize, figure, finger, fix, fix on, focus on, grin at, hold in derision, hold on, laugh at, laugh to scorn, level at, make fun of, make game of, make merry with, mention, name, pan, pick out, pillory, point, point out, point to, poke fun at, present, put one on, rag, razz, refer to, ride, ridicule, roast, select, set, sight on, smile at, snicker at, snigger at, specify, stand for, stigmatize, symbol, symbolize, touch on, train, train upon, turn, turn upon, typify