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Meaning of PESTICIDE

Pronunciation:  'pesti`sId

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  a chemical used to kill pests (as rodents or insects)

PESTICIDE is a 9 letter word that starts with P.


 See Also: acaracide, acaricide, chemical, insect powder, insecticide, pediculicide, phosphine, scabicide, sheep dip, spray



Biology Dictionary
 Definition: A chemical which is used to kill unwanted organisms such as rats, insects, nematodes, etc. Pesticides often act as nerve poisons, and they are hazardous to animals and humans (some pesticides can cause nerve or liver damage, birth defects and cancer). See biological magnification and herbicide.
 Definition: A substance that kills harmful organisms (for example, an insecticide or fungicide).
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: aborticide, acaricide, anthelmintic, antibiotic, antiseptic, apache, assassin, assassinator, bactericide, bloodletter, bloodshedder, bravo, bug bomb, burker, butcher, button man, Cain, cannibal, carbamate insecticide, chemosterilant, chlorinated hydrocarbon insecticide, contact poison, cutthroat, defoliant, desperado, disinfectant, eradicant, eradicator, executioner, exterminator, fratricide, fumigant, fungicide, garroter, genocide, germicide, gorilla, gun, gunman, gunsel, hatchet man, head-hunter, herbicide, hit man, homicidal maniac, homicide, infanticide, insect powder, insecticide, killer, man-eater, man-killer, manslayer, massacrer, matador, matricide, microbicide, miticide, murderer, organic chlorine, organic phosphate insecticide, parricide, patricide, poison, poisoner, rat poison, regicide, roach paste, roach powder, rodenticide, slaughterer, slayer, sororicide, stomach poison, strangler, suicide, systemic, systemic insecticide, thug, torpedo, toxic, toxicant, toxin, trigger man, uxoricide, venin, venom, vermicide, virus, weed killer