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Meaning of PEAT

Pronunciation:  peet

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  partially carbonized vegetable matter saturated with water; used as a fuel when dried

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 See Also: combustible, combustible material, fuel, vegetable matter



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Peat\, n. [Cf. {Pet} a fondling.]
    A small person; a pet; -- sometimes used contemptuously.
    [Obs.] --Shak.
  2. \Peat\, n. [Prob. for beat, prop., material used to make
    the fire burn better, fr. AS. b?tan to better, mend (a fire),
    b?t advantage. See {Better}, {Boot} advantage.]
    A substance of vegetable origin, consisting of roots and
    fibers, moss, etc., in various stages of decomposition, and
    found, as a kind of turf or bog, usually in low situations,
    where it is always more or less saturated with water. It is
    often dried and used for fuel.
    {Peat bog}, a bog containing peat; also, peat as it occurs in
       such places; peat moss.
    {Peat moss}.
    (a) The plants which, when decomposed, become peat.
    (b) A fen producing peat.
    (c) (Bot.) Moss of the genus {Sphagnum}, which often grows
        abundantly in boggy or peaty places.
    {Peat reek}, the reek or smoke of peat; hence, also, the
       peculiar flavor given to whisky by being distilled with
       peat as fuel. [Scot.]
Biology Dictionary
  1. A piece of turf cut for use as a fuel.
  2. A mass of partially carbonized plant tissue formed by partial decomposition in water of various plants and esp. of mosses of the genus Sphagnum, widely found in many parts of the world, varying in consistency from a turf to a slime used as a fertilizer, as stable litter, as a fuel, and for making charcoal.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: alcohol, benzine, briquette, burnable, butane, carbon, charcoal, coal, coke, combustible, dope, ethane, ethanol, fireball, firing, flammable, flammable material, fuel, fuel additive, fuel dope, gas, gas carbon, gasoline, heptane, hexane, inflammable, inflammable material, isooctane, jet fuel, kerosene, methane, methanol, natural gas, octane, oil, paraffin, pentane, propane, propellant, rocket fuel, turf