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Meaning of OUT OF PHASE

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: amplitude, antinode, crest, de Broglie wave, diffraction, electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic wave, frequency, frequency band, frequency spectrum, guided wave, ill-considered, ill-seasoned, ill-timed, improper, in phase, inappropriate, inauspicious, inconvenient, inexpedient, infelicitous, inopportune, intempestive, interference, intrusive, irrelevant, late, light, longitudinal wave, mal a propos, malapropos, mechanical wave, mistimed, node, off base, out of line, out of time, period, periodic wave, premature, radio wave, ray, reinforcement, resonance, resonance frequency, seismic wave, shock wave, sound wave, surface wave, tidal wave, too late, too soon, transverse wave, trough, unbefitting, unfavorable, unfit, unfitting, unfortunate, unhandy, unhappy, unlucky, unpropitious, unready, unripe, unseasonable, unsuitable, untimely, untoward, wave, wave equation, wave motion, wave number, wavelength, wrong