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Meaning of OUT(P)

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [adj]  knocked unconscious by a heavy blow
  2. [adj]  of a fire; being out or having grown cold; "threw his extinct cigarette into the stream"; "faint smoke from the extinguished candle"; "the fire is out"; "the quenched flames"
  3. [adj]  not in; or in or into the open; "has been out all day"; "out to lunch"; "the sun is out"
  4. [adj]  excluded from use or mention; "forbidden fruit"; "in our house dancing and playing cards were out"; "a taboo subject"
  5. [adj]  not worth considering as a possibility; "a picnic is out because of the weather"
  6. [adj]  (baseball) not allowed to continue to bat or run; "he was tagged out at second on a close play"; "he fanned out"

OUT(P) is a 6 letter word that starts with O.


 Synonyms: away(a), dead, down(p), extinct, extinguished, forbidden, impermissible, impossible, kayoed, knocked out(p), KO'd, prohibited, proscribed, quenched, retired, stunned, taboo, tabu, unconscious, verboten
 Antonyms: in(p), safe(p)