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Meaning of MESS UP

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  (British) something badly botched or muddled
  2. [v]  make a mess of or create disorder in; "He messed up his room"
  3. [v]  disturb the smoothness of; "ruffle the surface of the water"
  4. [v]  make a mess of, destroy or ruin
 Synonyms: ball up, balls-up, ballup, blow, bobble, bollix, bollix up, bollocks, bollocks up, botch, botch up, bumble, bungle, cockup, flub, fluff, foul up, fuck up, fumble, louse up, mess, mishandle, muck up, muff, ruffle, ruffle up, rumple, screw up, spoil
 See Also: disarrange, disarray, disorder, error, fail, fault, go wrong, miscarry, mistake



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: ball up, befoul, benasty, bitch, bitch up, blur, bobble, bollix, bollix up, bonehead into it, bugger, bugger up, clutter, complicate, confound, confuse, contaminate, cook, corrupt, damage, defile, deform, derange, disarrange, disarray, discompose, dishevel, dislocate, disorder, disorganize, distort, disturb, drop a brick, embrangle, entangle, flub, fog up, foul, foul up, goof, goof up, gum up, hash up, implicate, infect, involve, jumble, knot, litter, louse up, mar, mess, misarrange, mix up, muck, muck up, mucker, muddle, muff, muss, muss up, nasty, obfuscate, obscure, perplex, play hell with, play hob with, pollute, queer, ramify, ravel, ruffle, ruin, rummage, rumple, scatter, screw up, sink, snafu, snarl, snarl up, spoil, sully, taint, tangle, tarnish, tousle, unform, unsettle, unshape, upset