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Pronunciation:  mal'feezuns

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  wrongful conduct by a public official

MALFEASANCE is a 11 letter word that starts with M.


 See Also: actus reus, misconduct, wrongdoing, wrongful conduct



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Mal*fea"sance\, n. [F. malfaisance, fr. malfaisant
injurious, doing ill; mal ill, evil + faisant doing, p. pr.
of faire to do. See {Malice}, {Feasible}, and cf.
{Maleficence}.] (Law)
The doing of an act which a person ought not to do; evil
conduct; an illegal deed. [Written also {malefeasance}.]

Legal Dictionary
 Definition: The commission of an unlawful act.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abuse, abuse of office, atrocity, bad policy, befoulment, breach, conversion, corrupt administration, crime, crime against humanity, criminal tendency, criminality, criminosis, deadly sin, debasement, defalcation, defilement, delinquency, dereliction, desecration, diversion, embezzlement, enormity, error, evil, evil courses, evildoing, failure, fault, feloniousness, felony, fouling, genocide, guilty act, heavy sin, impolicy, impropriety, indiscretion, inexpedience, inexpediency, inexpiable sin, iniquity, injury, injustice, lapse, lawbreaking, maladministration, malefaction, malpractice, malum, malversation, minor wrong, misadministration, misapplication, misappropriation, misconduct, misdeed, misdemeanor, misdirection, misdoing, misemployment, misfeasance, misgovernment, misguidance, mishandling, mismanagement, misprision, misprision of treason, misrule, misusage, misuse, mortal sin, neglect, negligence, nonfeasance, offense, omission, outrage, peccadillo, peccancy, peculation, perversion, pilfering, pollution, poor stewardship, positive misprision, profanation, prostitution, sin, sin of commission, sin of omission, sinful act, slip, thou scarlet sin, tort, transgression, trespass, trip, unutterable sin, venial sin, vice, viciousness, violation, wrong, wrong conduct, wrongdoing