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Meaning of MAKE IT

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [v]  go successfully through a test or a selection process; "She passed the new Jersey Bar Exam and can practice law now"
  2. [v]  succeed in a big way; get to the top; "After he published his book, he had arrived"; "I don't know whether I can make it in science!"; "You will go far, my boy!"
  3. [v]  continue in existence after (an adversity, etc.); "He survived the cancer against all odds"
 Synonyms: arrive, come through, get in, go far, pass, pull round, pull through, survive
 Antonyms: bomb, fail, flunk, flush it, succumb, yield
 See Also: ace, breeze through, come through, convalesce, defeat, nail, overcome, pass with flying colors, recover, recuperate, sail through, succeed, sweep through, win



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: accomplish, achieve, achieve success, advance, approach, arrive, arrive at, arrive in, attain, attain to, be a success, be able, be received, be up to, blow in, bob up, break through, can, can do, check in, clear, clear the hurdle, clock in, come, come along, come in, come on, come through, come to, come to hand, contrive, cut a swath, cut it, cut the mustard, engineer, fetch, fetch up at, find, gain, get ahead, get along, get by, get in, get on, get there, get to, go far, go on, go places, hack it, have it made, hit, hit town, make, make a breakthrough, make a success, make good, make headway, make out, make the grade, make the scene, manage, manage somehow, may, muddle through, negotiate, pop up, possess authority, progress, pull in, punch in, put over, put through, reach, ring in, rise, roll in, scrape along, show up, sign in, succeed in, swing, swing the deal, take charge, time in, turn up, worry along