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Meaning of LOCK OUT

Pronunciation:  lâk awt

WordNet Dictionary
[v]  prevent employees from working during a strike
 See Also: exclude, keep out, shut, shut out



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: ban, bang, bar, bar out, barricade, batten, batten down, blockade, bolt, boycott, button, button up, choke, choke off, clap, close, close up, constrict, contain, contract, count out, cover, cut off, debar, embargo, exclude, fasten, fold, fold up, freeze out, go on strike, go out, hold out, ignore, keep out, key, latch, leave out, lock, lock up, occlude, omit, ostracize, padlock, pass over, picket, plumb, preclude, prohibit, reject, relegate, repudiate, revolt, seal, seal off, seal up, secure, send to Coventry, shut, shut it down, shut out, shut the door, shut up, sit down, slam, slow down, snap, squeeze shut, strangle, strike, taboo, walk out, zip up, zipper