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Meaning of KNOW-HOW

Pronunciation:  now haw

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  the (technical) knowledge and skill required to do something

KNOW-HOW is a 8 letter word that starts with K.


 See Also: ability, bag of tricks, method, power, sapience, wisdom



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: ability, acquaintance, address, adeptness, adroitness, airmanship, art, artfulness, artisanship, artistry, bravura, brilliance, capability, capacity, cleverness, command, competence, control, coordination, corpus, craft, craftsmanship, cunning, data, datum, deftness, dexterity, dexterousness, dextrousness, diplomacy, efficiency, experience, expertise, expertism, expertness, facility, facts, factual base, familiarity, finesse, grace, grip, handiness, horsemanship, information, ingeniousness, ingenuity, intelligence, intimacy, ken, knack, knowing, knowledge, marksmanship, mastership, mastery, practical ability, practical knowledge, private knowledge, privity, proficiency, prowess, quickness, ratio cognoscendi, readiness, resource, resourcefulness, savoir-faire, savvy, seamanship, self-knowledge, skill, skillfulness, style, tact, tactfulness, technic, technical brilliance, technical mastery, technical skill, technics, technique, timing, virtuosity, wit, wizardry, workmanship