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Meaning of JUST RIGHT

Pronunciation:  just rIt

WordNet Dictionary
[adv]  in every detail; "the new house suited them to a T"
 Synonyms: to a T, to perfection, to the letter



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: a propos, absolute, absolutely, accurate, accurately, ad rem, adapted, agreeably, all right, applicable, apposite, appropriate, apropos, apt, becoming, befitting, beyond all praise, by consensus, chaste, compatibly, completely, concordantly, congenially, consonantly, correct, correctly, dead right, defectless, dovetailing, entirely, faultless, faultlessly, felicitous, fit, fitted, fitting, fittingly, flawless, flawlessly, fully, geared, hand in glove, happy, harmoniously, ideal, ideally, immaculate, immaculately, impeccable, impeccably, in chorus, in concert, in keeping, in line, in step, in unison, indefectible, indefective, infallible, infallibly, irreproachable, just, just so, letter-perfect, likely, meshing, meticulous, OK, okay, on the button, opportune, pat, peerless, perfect, perfectly, proper, properly, pure, purely, qualified, relevant, right, rightly, seasonable, sic, sinless, so, sortable, spotless, spotlessly, stainless, straight, straight-up-and-down, suitable, suited, suiting, tailored, taintless, thoroughly, to the point, to the purpose, totally, unadulterated, unanimously, unblemished, uncontaminated, unfaultable, unmixed, unspotted, untainted, wholly, with it