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Meaning of IMPASSIVE

Pronunciation:  im'pasiv

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [adj]  deliberately impassive in manner; "deadpan humor"; "his face remained expressionless as the verdict was read"
  2. [adj]  having or revealing little emotion or sensibility; not easily aroused or excited; "her impassive remoteness"; "he remained impassive, showing neither interest in nor concern for our plight"- Nordhoff & Hall; "a silent stolid creature who took it all as a matter of course"-Virginia Woolf; "her face showed nothing but stolid indifference"

IMPASSIVE is a 9 letter word that starts with I.


 Synonyms: deadpan, expressionless, incommunicative, poker-faced, stolid, uncommunicative, unemotional, unexpressive



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Im*pas"sive\, a.
Not susceptible of pain or suffering; apathetic; impassible;

      Impassive as the marble in the quarry.   --De Quincey.

      On the impassive ice the lightings play. --Pope.
-- {Im*pas"sive*ly}, adv. -- {Im*pas"sive*ness}, n.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: affectless, aloof, anesthetized, apathetic, arctic, at rest, autistic, backward, bashful, blank, blunt, bored, bovine, callous, calm, careless, catatonic, chill, chilled, chilly, cloistered, cold, cold as charity, cold-blooded, coldhearted, collected, composed, constrained, contained, controlled, cool, deadpan, detached, discreet, disinterested, dispassionate, distant, drugged, dry, dull, dwindling, ebbing, emotionally dead, emotionless, empty, even-tempered, even-tenored, expressionless, fishy, forbidding, frigid, frosted, frosty, frozen, glassy, guarded, halcyon, hardened, heartless, heedless, hushed, icy, immovable, impassible, impersonal, imperturbable, inaccessible, incurious, indifferent, indurated, inexcitable, inexpressive, inirritable, insensible, insensitive, insentient, insouciant, insusceptible, introverted, isolated, lackadaisical, listless, matter-of-fact, mindless, modest, moldering, nonchalant, nonemotional, objective, obtuse, offish, Olympian, out of touch, pacific, passionless, patient, peaceable, peaceful, phlegmatic, placid, poker-faced, quiescent, quiet, regardless, remote, removed, reposeful, reposing, repressed, reserved, restful, resting, restrained, reticent, retiring, secluded, self-absorbed, sequestered, sequestrated, serene, sheltered, shrinking, smooth, soulless, spiritless, standoff, standoffish, steady, still, still as death, stillish, stilly, stoic, stoical, stolid, stony, subdued, subsiding, suppressed, taciturn, tranquil, unaffable, unaffectionate, unagitated, unapproachable, uncaring, unconcerned, uncongenial, undemonstrative, undisturbable, undisturbed, unemotional, unexcitable, unexpansive, unexpressive, unfeeling, unflappable, ungenial, unimpassioned, unimpressible, unimpressionable, uninquiring, uninterested, uninvolved, unirritable, unloving, unmindful, unmoved, unnervous, unpassionate, unperturbed, unresponding, unresponsive, unruffled, unstirring, unsusceptible, unsympathetic, untouchable, untroubled, vacant, waning, withdrawn, wooden